Postpartum Support

  Hourly Rate $45 

Discounts available for

200+ hours

Postpartum support is entirely personal. This is why I don't offer packages, rather offer the option to purchase a total number of hours to be used toward day or night shifts.


Day shifts are a minimum of 4 hours, night shifts 8 or 10 hours long. I also offer a limited number of 24s.

Day shifts tend to revolve around resting, routine and information. 


Night shifts focus on recuperative sleep, as well as establishing nights from days.

All additional services I offer, registry, babywearing and feeding support, as well as a car seat installation are included in my hourly rate. I am also available via text during business hours.


Also Included: 

One one hour virtual session is included to discuss registry planning, and how to choose gear such as car seats, strollers, bassinets and other large ticket items that may take lifestyle into consideration.

One two hour session prior to birth to walk through and get to know your home & setup, as well as any pets you have, to ensure you're ready to welcome baby! 


Area of Service

What does a postpartum shift look like?

  • Body feeding support such as working on latch & positioning 

  • Safe formula preparation and bottle feeding

  • Pumping & Storing Milk

  • Soothing Techniques

  • Swaddle Techniques

  • Nail, Umbilical & Hair Care

  • Diapering

  • Bathing

  • Baby Carrier Practice

  • Information on Baby Development, Milestones, Baby Behavior

Beyond education & information, as a postpartum doula my role is to listen, support, & make sure your needs emotionally, physically, spiritually are met. 

I take a whole family, holistic individualized approach to the care I provide.


I currently serve the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas, as far South as Santa Monica, and as North as Santa Clarita. As far West as Calabasas, as far East as Pasadena.